Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cross is the symbol of Anti-Christ

Do you wonder by hearing the statement "Cross is the symbol of Anti-Christ"?. But it is a truth!!!. Even when Jesus Christ arrived on earth 2000 years back Cross was existing. That is the reason why cross was put on Jesus Christ. But Jesus could win over the Cross and got resurrected with body even if Jesus Christ was crucified. But who could win over the cross after Jesus Christ? Verify the history. It reveals that nobody could win over the Cross after Jesus Christ till now. If anybody would have won over cross after that what ever Jesus taught in Matthew (Chapters 24,25) and Revelation 22 would have happened. That is the reason why the evil (a snake) ruled the earth till now. Jesus Christ actually showed the entire earth how to escape from the cross and remove the cross from the top of the earth, and invited each and every to join in that effort. Now we can think "Did we achieve what Jesus Christ motivated us?". This symbol "cross" was/is a symbol of the Anti-Christ!!!.


Pakish said...

a symbol get its meaning from the people believing in a symbol.
Theres not an absolute truth about that since meanings are subjective.

Anonymous said...

I do understand your argument: it's amazing how cross, overcoming which was considered as a credible proof of one's messiahhood, became a symbol of Christian worship!

But, as Pakish says, since this symbol has acquired a pro-christian meaning over a period of time, what is wrong in continuing to use it?

However, I personally believe that true worshippers should go beyond the shield of every symbol to embrace the true divinity: to really know what a rose is, the only way is to become a rose! True knowledge is possible only if the seeker and the sought become a single entity. But, such knowledge that you experience in that unified state cannot be communicated since all the languages that we use to communicate are composed of symbols!

So, in conclusion, true knowledge cannot be shared by a master to a disciple: each one has to gain it for each one! If we cannot do that ourselves, be satisfied with the inferior option of 'knowing about' rather than knowing!