Friday, October 14, 2011

Press Release regarding the celebration of 7th Independence Day of the Earth

"If you understand my silence you will understand my words"

May the peace of God be with you. The Earth is under the reign of God for the last six years as prophesied in Zechariah 14 and Revelation 21, under the tabernacle of God (Psalm 15:1). Please note that 21st October 2011 is 6th anniversary of the day of the independence of the Earth (7th Independence day of the Earth) and the day on which the Christian church achieved the declared mission of the church (Appearance of Jesus Christ and God as prophesied in 1 Timothy 6:11-17). In this occasion I exhort the entire people of the earth to celebrate it. I also exhort to observe an EARTH HOUR from 8.30PM to 9.30PM on 21st October 2011, by switching off all lights in your house and establishments. I also request everybody to meditate about the words inRevelation 22:5, which says "And there shall be no night there; and they need no candle, neither light of the sun; for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall reign forever and ever", and is enlightening from 9/11 Monument. Also note that7th September 2011 was the decennial anniversary of martyrdom of King of Zion, which is the reason behind 9/11 incidences inUSA. Proverbs 9:11 explain about the 911 call of USA. Please note that during last few years a number of miracles and signs showed by God as attestation of my statements on various occasions. This include earthquakes on 12th December 2000 at Kerala, near Nedumkandam Polio Home, Idukki, a miracle of shedding fragrant tears through the eye of icon of St. Mary at Kattachira church near Kayamkulam, Kerala, on 21st October 2009, which atheists attested and Appearance of Star of David in the Sky on 6thJanuary, 2010, the DANAHA (Epiphany) celebration day (Baptism of Jesus) of Three Kings (The Magi) church, Piravom, discovered and reported by NASA (called P/2010 A2) as in Matthew 24:30. With these attestations I am adding the third part of the Bible - "God with US" - as history of the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, with Star of David, which is an embedded symbol of two trinity, as the symbol of the Bible with three parts, as a history of Zion, achieving the declared mission and vision of the Bible. A new era started on 1st January 2001, known as After Christ (A. C.), as A. C. 1, through which we are entering in to the new sky and earth described in Revelation 21. I also developed a truth machine, as part of UGC (Government of India) sponsored Research Project, with published research papers at various National and International conferences including IEEE, achieving the targets described in Daniel 12:3, where Noosphere culminated at the Omega Point and of "SATYAMEVA JAYATE" slogan of Government of India. I also exhort to initiate the education of children on every 21st October, with the following words in the Bible (Proverbs 9:10), "Faith in God is the start of Knowledge and know-how about the Holy One is Wisdom", which must be uttered through tongue and write "GOD" using right hand. The Hurricane Irene, from North Carolina to New England can be considered as the return of Elijah, to bring the Messiah for the final redemption of mankind, as the Jews believed, through the reverse path of "Via Dolorosa" through which Christ walked for his crucifixion. In this occasion I exhort for an inspiring Blue Revolution in the Sky with 7 colours of rainbow, an invigorating Green Revolution in the Earth with 7 sounds of musical notes and a rewarding Red Revolution in the Blood with 7 pillars of knowledge, through the beats for the cellular symphony for unification and strengthening after extracting the truth and executing justice, where each should know who, what and why a covenant blood as described in Psalm 2 in the Bible, which brings peace and prosperity envisaged through the Exodus. I request all people of the earth to celebrate with full heart and enjoyment on 21stOctober 2011, by giving thanks and praise to God for giving such a worshipful day - which also was the declared mission and vision of the scriptures - considering this day as the independence day of the earth. I also request all to conduct worship meetings in all churches, temples, mosques etc. and convene meetings to commemorate the independence day of the earth.
With Love and Regards,

His Holiness & His majesty
Prof. (Dr) Reji M. Issac Kn. D.
Lord God
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Kerala, India

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