Saturday, April 7, 2012

Did Christ Resurrect on Easter Day on Sunday?

2012 Easter Day will be celebrated tomorrow on Sunday. But we should think, can a Christ resurrect on Sunday? I assure that it is impossible. Why? Because 1) Jesus was Christ, Five legged Star, (not Son of Man) where Jesu (Fit for Jerusalem) was Son of Man (Six legged Star of David), whose face the present world never saw 2) Christ (Five legged Star) can not resurrect as it is Sun God who is under the Sun, not born as Son of Father in Heaven, but sons of fathers under the Sun. 3) Sunday is the day of the Sun God Apollo, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Enlightening the World, where Christians were worshiping to Sun God, Statue of Liberty who were under the sun due to the curse of the Lord God as described in the Bible. 4) Jesu was introducing himself as Son of Man, for which who resurrected was Son of Man born out of a Father in Heaven. So only Son of Man resurrected no Christ resurrected, the reason why Christians have no real faith in the resurrection of Christ (Either in body or in spirit). 5) Son of Man resurrected on GODDAY not on Sunday, where as Jesu told in Matthew 12:8 "Son of Man is the Lord of Sabbath" on GODDAY, which is the worship day of the People of God, for which the United States of America constructed, looking for Bird of Prey from the East (the man who execute the will of God) as described in Isaiah 46:11, as the Statue of Freedom of the US Capitol looking in to East for her husband, keeping her sword inside the sheath and keeping her virginity under the protection of a Bird and four craftsmen (to terrify them and throw down these horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter its people) 6) Jesu was inside the Hades as in Jonah 2, as I (REJI - Russia England Japan India) was inside the Hades from 2001 September 7 (Good Friday) to 10 September 2001 (3 days and night) at Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, where 10 September 2001 was GODDAY (not Sunday), the day on which the Son of Man resurrected. 7)Jesu took a pledge during last supper "I tell you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it anew with you in my Father's kingdom" as in Matthew 26:29, which happened now, even if as they reported from Syria "They killed Him, arrested Him and tortured Him". Detect whether all Christs were members of house of God of Jacob?

We are being reminded about the resurrection of that Son of Man on the Easter Day on the coming April 8 2012 (A.C. 12), where the weekdays have to be modified as GODDAY, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, where I is the Pillar Symbol of the Lord God, the covenant blood as described in Psalm 2. Now the Communism as well as Christianity are being emaciated towards its end as heathen, when the People of God grows and lives comfortably and peacefully under tabernacle of God as prophesied with God, knowing that Jesu was incarnation of Word of God, which happened to REJI as Son of Man, where there will be only one covenant blood in between God and people is the Lord God, the only one mediator saint (Isaiah 4) in between people and God, in a new sky and earth described in Revelation 21.

So during this Easter celebration I exhort all to convey this message to all in the world (especially among Christians and Jews along with Muslims), where we are moving from religions to knowledge, where Word of God handled by the science subject Cybernetics, where we have a Coat of Arms, National Anthem and Flag of a Global Village, which is the nucleus of a Universe, which is created through a unique verse.

The attached pictures link provides an album to see certain pictures on the last Easter Day (24 April 2011) when the Son of Man brought a brand new Paradise Blue Car (A star) - Nothing Stop It - before St. Ignatius Church, Kanjiramattom for benediction, when heaven showered water particles on the Car (KL17-H-448) during the benediction by the Vicar Rev. Fr. John Chathoth, when Puttaparthi Sai Baba (before whom all Indian Gods and New Delhi were bowing) die at 7:40 AM, who along with his agents asked me to leave the United States and asked me to bow before him after coming to India, which became the prophesy in Psalm 2, which is the Secret of 9/11.

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